AI Investment Landscape: The Potential of Smaller-scale Success

In our previous article, we outlined ways in which Onfolio can leverage AI to grow the company and build value for shareholders. It’s well worth going back and reading the article, but in short, we plan on:: It’s important for us to point out that we see AI as an augmentation of our existing strategy … Read more

Leveraging The AI Revolution

We issued a press release in late May about launching an AI tool for one of our subsidiaries, The market response was immediate, with 73M shares traded on that same day. This example shows just how much excitement there is around AI and why we are focusing on the opportunities around this revolutionary technology. … Read more

The Onfolio One Pager

Executive Summary As many of you know, at a high level, Onfolio actively buys and holds profitable online businesses, integrating them into our portfolio and reinvesting the cash flows into organic growth and additional acquisitions. We want to delve a little deeper into the operating blueprint of Onfolio to show investors the heart of our … Read more