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We Are Passionate, Positive, and Productive.

Why Join the Onfolio Team?

Our Guiding Principles

Staying organized and productive is the goal of our day-to-day operations. Without a common guide to help with behaviors and decision making, things could turn chaotic in no time. That’s why we like to follow a set of Guiding Principles that allows us to stay on the same page, stay motivated, and make smart decisions.

Through initiative, curiosity and creatively, we are solution focussed, not problem orientated.
We value honesty and integrity internally for growth and improvement, and externally for shareholders’ trust.
Onfolio’s team, management and shareholders are all committed to the vision, we are on the same team!
Whether internally or externally, we are always clear, concise and constructive.
We built this company to serve two sets of people, our team and our shareholders. They invest their energy and resources in us, and we work to give them both great returns.
We use tried and true playbooks that we’ve perfected over time to grow our assets and ourselves.
We gain momentum using collective expertise and energy. We leverage our unique skills and knowledge to create massive impact.