Leadership Team

Dom Wells
Founder & CEO

Industry thought leader, international speaker, and 7-figure portfolio business owner, Dom has been buying and growing online businesses since 2014. He has been featured in Entrepreneur, Mixergy, and countless other publications and podcasts.

Esbe Van Heerden

Esbe is an entrepreneur, problem solver, scientist, and unshakable yeasayer dedicated to helping you grow your investments. She loves systems, efficiency, and finishing things — even building herself right out of her role at her previous company.

Yury Byalik
Head of Strategy & Acquisitions
With over 15 years experience in various industries and verticals, Yury has been helping businesses grow by multiple 7 and 8 figures. He has extensive SEO experience and has a keen eye for profitable acquisitions.

Our team has been remote from inception, allowing us to operate in the “new normal” without having to make any changes. 

We are an ever-growing group of individuals who value autonomy, self-direction, and hard work.

Core Team

Adam Trainor
Portfolio Manager
Twinkle Neri
Project Manager
Zach Paruch
Director of SEO
Nina Ysulat
Project Manager
Kory Basaraba
Robert Hacala
Marketing & Branding
Dean Robinson
Lead Developer
Simon Fogg
SEO Content Manager
JR Malapitan
Front-End Web Developer
Jesse Self
Marketing Team
Kevin Sy
Front-End Web Developer
Matthew Kerr
Senior SEO
Lori Huzij
Junior Portfolio Manager
Kareen Cortez
Dan Canfield
Portfolio Manager
Pia Rose
Tetiana Fionik
SEO Content Manager
Customer Service
Darielle Joi Abad
Website Generalist
Joanne Gonzales
SEO Assistant
Hannah Levi
Pinterest & Service Manager
Joy San Angel
Jeremy Tipton
SEO Coordinator
Sakshi Kulkarni
Digital Marketing & Social Media
Karen Faith Mamaspas
Technical Generalist