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Sell Us Your Internet Business

Got an Internet business for sale? We may be interested in buying it. 

Even if you’re just considering your options for the future, reach out and let’s start a pressure-free conversation.

If your business meets our requirements, we can offer a competitive price and a quick deal. 

We’ve bought dozens of five, six and seven figure content sites, and can deploy funds fairly quickly.

We love strong brands, quality businesses, and founders with integrity. It sounds so obvious.

People typically sell to us for three reasons:

  • We can give a quick yes or no
  • We offer a fair price
  • You don’t need to pay a fee
  • We’ll take good care of their assets and their team

Those are major advantages that we have over listing with a traditional broker or marketplace; assuming of course that your business meets our criteria.

WE're A Great Option

Why Sell To Us?

Save time


We can make a decision within days whether we like your site or not. Many people come to us before choosing to list with brokers or marketplaces, which take up a lot of time.

save money


Brokers and marketplaces charge you a hefty fee, we don’t. We’re buyers, we’re looking to buy quality websites, not make a profit off you selling one. This alone is why many people come direct to us.

save fear


We’re well known and trustworthy. We’re not going to scam you and ruin our reputation overnight. We’ll offer a competitive price and use escrow and legal documents to keep you feeling comfortable.

Top rated by our clients and peers

Onfolio is A leading Internet Business Purchase & Management Company

We regularly buy six and seven figure online businesses, so we know how to evaluate what you’ve got for sale and how to efficiently take over the site.

The biggest problems sellers face is dealing with time wasters, being lowballed, or selling to somebody who needs constant hand holding. Some buyers don’t even know how to run the site they’re buying from you.

All of these problems go away when dealing with us. We make sure we offer you a fair price, and ensure as quick a transition as possible.


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Fill out the form to the right to submit the information about your business. We’ll take a look and get back to you if we think it’s a good fit, or if we have any additional follow-up questions.

To make everyone’s life easier, we’ve listed basic requirements here:

Minimum Income:

We ideally look for businesses with $250,000 profit or more per year, but in some cases we’ll accept something lower.

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