Our Agency Rollup

We recently started softly promoting our new investment vehicle that allows qualified investors to co-invest and join us in our next acquisitions.

As we are focusing largely on acquiring profitable B2B agencies and productized services right now, we’re calling this our Agency Roll-up.

Further down the page we have embedded the presentation I recorded for investors.

I also wanted to write a few thoughts out and highlight some of the key points.

You can also just watch the presentation embedded here.

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First off, why agencies?

Well, agencies can be very lucrative, are cheap to run, and can be flexible with expenses. They generally cashflow very well, even during bad times.

What’s more, we have a strong pipeline of agencies that can be acquired for around 3x annual cashflow, which sets us and our investors up for a fantastic cash on cash return.

Not only that, there’s a lot of opportunity to improve the average agency we come across.

As you can see from some of our case studies, we’ve done this a few times already:

What About Founders?

One reason many people avoid buying agencies, is that a lot of them rely on the founder and the key talent of the business in order to succeed.

As we demonstrated above, replacing the founder is something we’ve had to do numerous times, and are comfortable with.

What’s even more exciting – Many founders we’ve spoken to in the past few months about our rollup are actually excited to retain some equity and stay on board.

What’s Our Ideal Target?

We’ve spoken about B2B agencies, but what other qualities do our targets have?

Current Pipeline

We already have some businesses ready to go – here’s a snapshot of what they look like

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