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How To Invest In Onfolio

Four ways to invest with Onfolio.


Capital gains focused investors can buy our common stock. We are traded on NASDAQ under the ticker ONFO.

View our Investor Relations page below or to buy shares, use any brokerage which covers NASDAQ stocks.

Preferred Shares

Fixed income focused investors can purchase our preferred stock, which comes with a 12% annual coupon, paid quarterly.

We have been paying dividends on our preferred shares every quarter since 2020, with a 100% payment record.


Those who want exposure to capital gains, quarterly dividends and 20-30% returns in exchange for exposure to risk, can co-invest in some of our acquisitions.

We are currently raising $2.5MM to acquire profitable marketing agencies.

Deal for Deal

From time to time we seek co-investors for other acquisitions on a deal-by-deal basis.

Sign up here to declare interest and we will send you information when the next deal becomes available.

You can also contact us to find current options.

What we look for

We buy established companies with excellent opportunities for growth.

Unique advantage

Healthy margins

Growth potential

Operations history

High quality team

Loved by customers

Onwards and upwards

Onfolio helps entrepreneurs achieve the life they want.

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