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Free yourself for what's next

Onfolio deals are fast, fair and friendly. So you can jump right into your next project or enjoy a well-deserved break.

  • Speed
    Free valuation within 7 days. Deals completed in 30 days or less.
  • Certainty
    Seamless, easy and straightforward steps from evaluation to close.
  • Fairness
    No lowballing. We offer you what we think the company is worth.
  • Clarity
    You can expect absolute transparency in every conversation with Onfolio.
  • Expertise
    Deep digital expertise and a proven track record of growing digital companies.
  • Respect
    As fellow entrepreneurs, we'll always treat you and your work with respect.

Get an offer

Get a free and confidential valuation.

For companies with annual profits over 500k USD. 

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3 Simple Steps

Building a company is hard work. Selling it shouldn't be. Onfolio makes it easy.

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    Response in 48 hours

    Submit your details and we'll be in touch within 48 hours.

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    Offer in 14 days

    Get a free valuation and a competitive offer within two weeks.

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    Timely payment

    Get paid fast with a flexible payment structure that matches your goals.

    Time to celebrate!

    Step 3

We buy and build profitable digital companies.

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Onwards and upwards

Onfolio helps entrepreneurs achieve the life they want.

Joel sacks Joel sacks

"Selling our business to Onfolio was a really pleasant, smooth and easy process, from start to finish. Onfolio assessed our purchase price, determined that it was a fair deal and in a very short time, decided to proceed with the acquisition. I felt confident about the deal with Onfolio and felt there was mutual trust and respect between us. Everyone I dealt with on the Onfolio team was sincere and transparent. I highly recommend Onfolio to anyone who is looking for a buyer for their business."

Joel Sacks, Founder

Get on your way

Take your vision to the finish line. Get a fast and free valuation. We'll be in touch within 48 hours.

Actionable insights for solopreneurs.

Get access to in-depth articles and insights from leading founders and investors.

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