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How A Recession (might) Affect The Website Investing Space

With the current turbulence in the traditional markets, it makes sense to consider what might happen to the website investing space if (when) a recession comes. This is something I’ve been considering since early 2019, and while I don’t have any conclusive answers, I’ve definitely done a lot of thinking. Bear in mind though, these…
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What We Learned From Buying 30 Sites In 2019

December is always a time for looking forward to the new year, and looking back to the year gone by. What better way to do the latter, than by brain-dumping everything we’ve learned from buying sites throughout 2019? If you’ve followed us for some time, you may have noticed an evolution in investment philosophy. This…
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How Websites Compare To Real Estate

Many people call websites “Digital Real Estate”. To some, this may just be a clever name or witty reference to a website as an online “home”, or a domain name as a tradeable asset. To others, the reference is a lot more accurate, especially from an investing point of view; real estate generates cash flow…
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