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The Story Of A Good Purchase & A Bad Purchase

Since the middle of 2018, Onfolio has been involved in 18 website purchases, about 30% of these our own, the rest with investors. 2 of these were made in 2018 and the other 16 since we ramped things up at the start of 2019.

Using Recursive Keyword Research To Grow A Site & Evaluate Opportunity

I mentioned in a previous post, that when evaluating a site to purchase, I will look at it’s stability before I look at growth opportunities.

Case Study: Turning Around 2 Declining Sites With OnPage Fixes

After the popularity of our last case study post, we decided to share more results, especially ones that involve sites not doing particularly well. Most case studies you see online, particularly in this space, are edge-cases where somebody achieved fantastic results.

OnFolio Case Studies

This post has been overdue for a while, and is something many people have asked about. Part of the reason it took so long to produce, was thinking how to actually structure it.

Businesses We Passed On

We thought we’d do something different for this post, since many case studies show the cherry picked success stories, or in our case some of the failures, we decided to put together a post on some of the businesses we looked at, but ultimately rejected.

This should give you insights not only into how we operate here at Onfolio, but also some of the pitfalls you can avoid in your own efforts.

How Online Businesses Can Provide The Yield Income Investors Are Looking For

Sitting on capital and assessing your investment options? Chances are, if you’re hunting around here, you’ve thought about real estate, bonds or ETFs but you’re still a little bit curious about what online businesses can offer. Sure, you can get your standard 8-10% (minus those brokerage fees) on an investment fund or eke out double-digit…
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Why We Offer Preferred Shares

To fully understand why we’re offering preferred shares rather than continuing our other services, or creating a fund, it’s important to know the path we’ve gone down. A lot of you reading this are attracted to the space because you want above-average returns. Most people arrive with the same thoughts about how to get those…
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The Pros And Cons Of Selling Privately

As we start 2021, the website investing space is larger, and growing faster than ever. One of the ways that this is most apparent is in the growing number of places you can buy and sell a business. Equally, the amount of private deals we see, hear about, or are involved in is on the…
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A 10x Website Flipping Case Study

A few weeks ago, Mo Mulla reached out to me to discuss the possibility to sharing a case study with our audience. I’d spoken to Mo previously about the possibility of him using our services, and I was impressed to find out he’d been doing some buying on his own too, and had decent results…
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How Much Effort Does It REALLY Take To Flip Or “Improve” A Website

A few months ago, I asked Twitter what they wanted me to write about next: Alright Twitter, give me some article ideas for the Onfolio blog. Topics you’d like to see covered or just general questions you have about website acquisitions or operations — Dom Wells (@TeamOnFolio) July 28, 2020 The result was a few…
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