With the current turbulence in the traditional markets, it makes sense to consider what might happen to the website investing space if (when) a recession comes. This is something I've been considering since early 2019, and while I don't have any conclusive answers, I've definitely done a lot of thinking. Read more
In days gone by, you only had to fear a Google update if you were doing something overtly wrong, like over-optimizing your content, performing questionable link building tactics, or being otherwise spammy. If you played by their rules, you were golden. Ever since 2018 though, Google has been shaking things Read more
December is always a time for looking forward to the new year, and looking back to the year gone by. What better way to do the latter, than by brain-dumping everything we've learned from buying sites throughout 2019? If you've followed us for some time, you may have noticed an Read more
Many people call websites "Digital Real Estate". To some, this may just be a clever name or witty reference to a website as an online "home", or a domain name as a tradeable asset. To others, the reference is a lot more accurate, especially from an investing point of view; Read more
This is a follow up to our previous post about maximising returns while reducing risks. Let's call it part 2 of our "Having cake and eating it" series. Just like reducing risk while maximising returns may seem a pipedream, reducing costs, increasing results, and diversifying at the same time can Read more
Conventional wisdom suggests that you can't have your cake and eat it too. In the investing world, you need to either choose high returns, or low risk. If you could find a method that allowed you to have both, everybody would choose that one thing, and then returns would eventually Read more