As we start 2021, the website investing space is larger, and growing faster than ever. One of the ways that this is most apparent is in the growing number of places you can buy and sell a business. Equally, the amount of private deals we see, hear about, or are Read more
A few weeks ago, Mo Mulla reached out to me to discuss the possibility to sharing a case study with our audience. I'd spoken to Mo previously about the possibility of him using our services, and I was impressed to find out he'd been doing some buying on his own Read more
A few months ago, I asked Twitter what they wanted me to write about next: Alright Twitter, give me some article ideas for the Onfolio blog. Topics you'd like to see covered or just general questions you have about website acquisitions or operations — Dom Wells (@TeamOnFolio) July 28, 2020 Read more
It's been a while since we published a case study, so I asked Bea to type something up about some fun we've been having with one of our sites, building out the email funnel in the 7 or 8 months since acquisition.  Take it away Bea. Interested in hearing this Read more
It's essential to learn due diligence if you want to get better at buying online businesses. We improve our own skills every time we look at a site, and we're still learning. This doesn't mean that you'll never be capable of performing diligence yourself, but it does mean it's an Read more
This post is mostly an update on my previous article about how a recession may affect the website investing space. As several weeks have now passed, and over 25% of the world's population is on lockdown, we actually have some interesting data already. Before we jump into it, I just Read more