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A 10x Website Flipping Case Study

A few weeks ago, Mo Mulla reached out to me to discuss the possibility to sharing a case study with our audience. I’d spoken to Mo previously about the possibility of him using our services, and I was impressed to find out he’d been doing some buying on his own too, and had decent results to show it for in the past year.

Case Study: How We Built A Funnel And Achieved 54.3% List Growth In 3 months

It’s been a while since we published a case study, so I asked Bea to type something up about some fun we’ve been having with one of our sites, building out the email funnel in the 7 or 8 months since acquisition.

Case Study: How Coronavirus Is Affecting Website Income

This post is mostly an update on my previous article about how a recession may affect the website investing space. As several weeks have now passed, and over 25% of the world’s population is on lockdown, we actually have some interesting data already.

What We Learned From Buying 30 Sites In 2019

December is always a time for looking forward to the new year, and looking back to the year gone by. What better way to do the latter, than by brain-dumping everything we’ve learned from buying sites throughout 2019?

The Story Of A Good Purchase & A Bad Purchase

Since the middle of 2018, Onfolio has been involved in 18 website purchases, about 30% of these our own, the rest with investors. 2 of these were made in 2018 and the other 16 since we ramped things up at the start of 2019.

Using Recursive Keyword Research To Grow A Site & Evaluate Opportunity

I mentioned in a previous post, that when evaluating a site to purchase, I will look at it’s stability before I look at growth opportunities.

Case Study: Turning Around 2 Declining Sites With OnPage Fixes

After the popularity of our last case study post, we decided to share more results, especially ones that involve sites not doing particularly well. Most case studies you see online, particularly in this space, are edge-cases where somebody achieved fantastic results.

OnFolio Case Studies

This post has been overdue for a while, and is something many people have asked about. Part of the reason it took so long to produce, was thinking how to actually structure it.