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Craft Whack has fun crafting projects you and your kids can enjoy right in the comfort of your home.

Education Speaks provides resources for people that want to learn new skills for the future.

Background Hawk is your #1 source for background reference checks including public records.

Digitally Approved Pinterest Solutions

Increase brand awareness, get more leads, and grow your business with Pinterest Solutions.

Pretty Neat Creative

Shop for the best 5D diamond painting kits with the softest canvas and beads with 26 individual facets.

Mighty Deals provides graphic designers and artists stunning graphics for use in their own projects.

Luck of the Paw

Luck of the Paw provides resources for new dog owners including training, nutrition, and accessories.

All Things Dog

Informational based pet brand with thousands of articles on all types of dog breeds.

Vital Reaction

Vital Reaction

Health and wellness brand dedicated to relieving oxidative stress through the power of molecular Hydrogen.

Businesses We Passed On

We thought we’d do something different for this post, since many case studies show the cherry picked success stories, or in our case some of the failures, we decided to put together a post on some of the businesses we looked at, but ultimately rejected.