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We buy digital companies from independent entrepreneurs and grow them to their full potential.

We buy and build profitable digital companies.




Team Members

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How we grow companies

We bring together world class expertise to build a profitable portfolio of digital companies.


We identify new marketing opportunities and custom growth marketing strategies that boost customer value.


We implement standardized processes and identify opportunities for economies of scale across our portfolio.


We improve the customer experience at every step of the journey, driving customer retention and referrals.


We find opportunities to expand sales channels and leverage our partner network for maximum market exposure.


We continuously improve product and service quality using our research, design and product expertise.


We provide funding necessary to build a high performing team and take the company to the next stage of growth.

Onwards and upwards

Onfolio helps entrepreneurs achieve the life they want.

What we look for

We buy established companies with excellent opportunities for growth.

Unique advantage

Healthy margins

Growth potential

Operations history

High quality team

Loved by customers

Looking for cashflow?

We offer preferred shares which come with a 12% annual dividend, or co-investments with potential for more.

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